Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has said that the unemployment of youth has strong connection with the social risk such as crimes and antisocial behaviors. “The local insurgency and unrest in some parts of the province has a direct relation with the unemployment and poverty,” he added.
Addressing to the closing ceremony of 2nd International Youth Summit Lahore, organized by the University of Lahore to deliberate on “Peace, Culture and Inclusive Societies”, the other day Chief Minister said that in Balochistan very little percentage of the youth cohort completes secondary education. “The results in more than three quarters of the youth to exit from educational system and entering into labour market without any foundational or life skills,” he added.
He said that those who ended up in elementary occupations or remain unemployed or inactive, majority were the female’s youth. In other words, uneducated, unemployed and untrained youth is the largest in number.
Chief Minister said that this even “Peace, Culture and Inclusive Societies” was very relevant to our times, adding that conversation of peace, culture and inclusive societies was required not only in our country but at the global level also. “When I look at the challenges of my province, this theme is one of the most important conversations required to happen,” he said.
Chief Minister said that unemployment of youth was on the rise because of limited job opportunities in public sector and stagnant growth in the private sector. He said some of the other major constraints of youth employment include social and cultural behaviors, lack of voice due to culture norms, lack of quality technical institutions and sustainable urban development.
Jamal Kamal said that although the government of Balochistan with the support of Pakistan army was pursing a plan for youth engagement and mainstreaming in Balochistan but the challenges was much bigger that required a holistic and integrated strategies. “We need to initiate a “Political Counter Insurgency Strategy” through economic development, imparting quality education and technical skills, growth of middle class, creating strong communication mobility and creating jobs in the private sector,” he added.
Chief Minister said that Government and youth both have a crucial role to play to achieve solutions to challenges faced by country as it is necessary for the relevant institutions and authorities of the government to engage with its youth through social entrepreneurship ventures. “The youth of our country, regardless of their gender to be responsible and make efforts to translate their ideas into good businesses instead of depending on government jobs”, he stressed.

Source: Daily Balochhistan Express


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