The newly-appointed Inspector General of Frontier Corps Balochistan Major General Fayaz Hussain Shah lauds sacrifices of the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) including Police, Levies, Frontier Coup and Military have embraced martyrdom in the line of duty.
He said that we have proud on their martyrdom. They have embraced martyrdom for sustainability of motherland and establishment of peace inside the country.
While addressing with the tribal head in sector headquarter in Pishin, Fayaz Hussain Shah said Pakistan is like a house for all of us. The tribal people must play their role in the development of the country. While we have to be united against those who spread hate speech against the sacred institutions of the state.
He said, the public cooperation is necessary with the LAEs including Frontier Coup. The Public and tribal heads are the real asset of the country.
My first visit to Pishin remained fascinating. The sincerity of people and their awareness about peace, education and health is beyond my expectations.  He added.
The issues of Pishin would be resolved. Steps would be taken to ensure provision of employment to the youth of the area as unemployment is the mother of all evils. Only through employment peace can be established. He said.
He further said, service of the people is the major responsibility of FC. Thereby, people must cooperate with FC including all Law Enforcement Agencies while checking. The personnel of FC must respect the women during checking.
Besides Law Enforcement Agencies, people too have given utmost sacrifices for the country. Their sacrifices could not be over-estimated.

Source: Daily Balochistan Express


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