Balochistan Forest and Wildlife Minister Mir Ziaullah has said that public welfare is the focus of the provincial government’s agenda.
The minister said during a telephonic conversation with Inayatullah Babar, a spokesperson for the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP).
He said that BAP formed the government with the support of the people, adding that the problems of the province could not be neglected.
The minister said that BAP formed the government with the vision and mission of a developed and progressive Balochistan. He added that the government would provide relief to the people under the leadership of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan.
He said the country could not progress without austerity and society should play its role in promoting the government’s austerity drive.
Ziaullah said the provincial government would be an example of a successful regime under CM Kamal.
He said development projects in Kalat would be completed on a priority basis, and steps would be taken to improve healthcare, education and infrastructure in Kalat.
The minister said there would be no compromise on public welfare.

Source: Daily Balochistan Express


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