Voice of Balochistan (VOB) is an independent organization working in collaboration with the Government of Balochistan. The primary aim of VOB is to project a positive image of Balochistan, its people and its rich culture.
VOB further aims to disseminate the actual narrative of the province based on facts, while maintaining respect for every institution of the state. Our vision is to establish a strategic communication corridor on domestic, regional and global level and build the capacity of the youth of Balochistan in the domain of people to people connection.


Establish a strategic communication corridor on domestic, regional and global level.


  • Reconnect Balochistan with the mainstream of Pakistan.
  • Producing a proactive narrative.
  • Connecting the future of Pakistan to the future of Balochsitan.


  1. In the wake of disturbed law and order situation in Balochistan by target killing of Punjabi settlers, teachers, govt officials, businessmen, FC and other LEAs personnel in 2006- 2007,the situation got deteriorated when the Hostile Intelligence Agencies (HIAs) openly intervened and Baloch Sub Nationalists (BSN) terrorist groups by the name of BLA, BRA, UBA and BLF started heinous terrorist activities. Besides this; sub nationalist elements also started massive subversive activities by publishing pamphlets, brochures and creating different accounts on social media applications which brought the already fragile bondage among people of Balochistan with people of other parts of country in general and Punjab in particular to the level of infringement. Some groups like BSO (Azad) started playing in hands of HIAs and went to the extent of venting venom to tear up the social fabric of cohesion by spreading hate literature through social media. This resulted in taking away people of Balochistan from the populace of the rest of the country.
  2. Sequel to above, in 2014-2015 a need was felt to bridge the gap by not only bringing closer the people of Balochistan to the rest of the country but also to make the national cohesion stronger than before. In this connection, a series of interactive visit programs started under the umbrella of “Youth Mobilization Campaign” in collaboration with HQ Southern Command and Government of Balochistan. The activities of the Youth Mobilization Campaign started at a district level with in the province and then a provincial level by mobilizing general public, especially the victims of terrorism. In the first phase, families of victims of terrorism in Balochistan were mobilized and different visits and interactive programs were conducted, incorporating all facets of the province. Having received quintessential positive feedback from different stake holders across society and educational institutes, the scope of the subject mobilization was expanded from Balochistan to Pakistan. Meanwhile, various national/international seminars have also been conducted all over Pakistan keeping the main objective of national unity and improving inter provincial disharmony.


  1. Building the capacity of the Baloch youth in the domain of people to people connection.
  2. Robust and interactive presence of Balochistan and its narrative on the digital front, through academic writing, social media, and  mainstream media.
  3. Facilitating sponsorship of educational and welfare projects by connecting donors with the masses.