Dehgan is situated in #Pasni, Balochistan. The historic graveyard is enriched with stories of graves & kalmati fighters who fought against Portuguese combats. It is easily surmised by scrutinizing at the symptoms and remains of ancient culture and civilization that culture and civilization and intellectualism or wisdom and consciousness or awareness has no relevancy. Human wisdom gets astonished when such symptoms of ancient culture and civilization are appeared. The inspections of correct history of the antiquated signs seems cryptic itself in order not to be researched and investigated concerning to the existed remains of ancient culture and civilization in coastal area of Balochistan. Before twenty years, when we urbanized to Pasni city where i sought an ancient cemetery mysteriously some kilometres away from our home. We were unpermitted by elders to budge for that ancient graveyard which was regarded as house of wraith and specters. The Pasni city includes a dozen family in past which is has been increased to thousands folk now while keeping some foot distance amid local residency to the ancient burials ground. This ancient cemetery is no longer mysterious by people with the passage of time because the rapid population lives nearby the cemetery.


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