Pakistan has been resilient in trying to overcome a long period of crisis. Be it regression of socio-economic structure, acute energy crisis or the rising cadence of crime which was further compounded by frequent terrorist attacks against a backdrop of political instability, the country has faced it all. It has consistently opposed all forms of aggression, yet struggled the most at the hands of the international community who has failed to acknowledge Pakistan’s sacrifices in the war against terrorism.

After an unfortunate loss of about 80,000 precious lives over the last 14 years and $123 billion of economic damage, Pakistan has yet emerged as the only country to fight back and overcome the havoc, even if not completely, as visible through the results of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The Islamic ideology on which the country was created has also been set straight afresh by the religious authorities, when recently over 1,800 Ullemas of all sects got together to issue a fatwa against using the concept of jihad as means of propagating terrorism, completely ruling out the concept of suicide bombing from Islam.

While the nation has a firm resolve to eliminate terrorism collectively and has contributed avidly at every individual level, the impetus to be most accredited is the efficiency of the security forces of the country. The security forces have fought with an impenetrable defence against every element committing aggression upon the motherland. The armed forces have sacrificed about 8,300 personnel in the line of defence against terrorism with several thousands facing injuries. Showing an unprecedented restraint against every repression, the security forces have successfully managed to bring down terrorism in Pakistan by 89% since 2016, according to a South Asia Terrorism Portal’s (SATP) report.

Hence, it will be unjust to not recognize and commemorate those brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives in support of righteousness, in defence of the oppressed, and to restore legitimacy to Pakistan. Balochistan too, has not failed to contribute to this holy sacrifice of martyrdom. Once such martyr is Abdul Razzaq from the Balochistan Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS). Popularly known as ‘Commander’, Razzaq defused around 500 explosive devices during his 23 years of service, saving countless lives but losing his own in 2007 while defusing a bomb at Sariab Road Quetta. For his bravery, he was awarded Pakistan Police Medal in 2007 and Quaid-i-Azam Medal in 2010.

Amongst the numerous sacrifices offered by the Hazara community, enlisted is Major Ali Jawad Changezi’s name who embraced martyrdom in June 2016 at Torkham crossing in a spate of cross border firing between Pakistan and Afghan border forces. Major Ali Jawad Changezi was an officer of the prestigious Armour Regiment of Pakistan Army (11 Cavalry FF). His father Brigadier Khadim Hussain Changezi served as the first Commissioner for Afghan Refugees in the 1990’s in Balochistan, while his two brothers Major Ali Qasim and Major Ali Asad are also part of the Pakistan Army. For his sacrifice, the Torkham gate has been named “Ali Jawad Changezi”.

To avenge the blood loss of the Hazara Community of Quetta, Head Constable Sanaullah embraced martyrdom in May 2018 during an intelligence-based operation against Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) killing its Balochistan chief Salman Badeni and two suicide bombers. With a heavy heart, the martyr left behind a widow and two kids.

In retaliation of the operation, the terrorist attacked Frontier Corps Madadgar Centre in Quetta during the same month, where Assistant Patrolling Officer Motorway Police Muhammad Idrees bravely intercepted the suicide attacker’s car outside the centre and embraced martyrdom when the militants detonated explosives. However, the other brave soldiers fought back and killed all five militants.

Pakistan has sacrificed many such sons of soil who have contributed to the efforts in every area to protect, develop and construct the nation, building the homeland with their honourable lives while aiming to continue forth in the path of loyalty, brotherhood, and redemption. Their names and stories will live on throughout the coming generations, as the nation remains proud of their sacrifices standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the security forces in the defence of the country. Together, we pay tribute to all the immortal defenders of Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad.


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The author is a media practitioner based in Quetta. She can be reached @hamnatweets on Twitter.

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  1. Appreciable, it should be served to those who claim Pak Army, just because they are not aware to unconditional sacrifices and let them know, we sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.     
    Pak Army ZindaBad 🇵🇰

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