One day while reading Onyi Anyado a line left me almost surprised, “serving my generation with excellence will, in turn, mean my generation can lead with excellence”. I started to think that despite the great importance of young generation in development and prosperity of a country, the youth of the biggest province of Pakistan remained in dark for a considerable time.

The turmoil in the socio-political environment of Balochistan was due to anti-peace elements and destabilizing conflicts to implement far-off agendas with foreign involvement. The mayhem in the society because of violence left the province in chaos and affected its local and international image demotivating the youth to some extent. However, a gradual decline can be observed in upheaval situation of Balochistan with still a long way to go.

A sense of realization overtook me when I thought about the role of our youth in this state of affair, and came to realize that how much our youth is now involved in getting the province out of despair. The difficult times are ending and a new era is marking its beginning with the perspective leadership of our youth.

The youth of Balochistan is partaking in the betterment of the country through motivation, enthusiasm and passion for learning. With the advent of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a layer of fervor jolted the young minds of the province. In regard to this, the growing trend to seek economic opportunities as entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is helping the youth to steer the province out of backwardness.

Another effort of youth is to take the reins of its national defence, which is evident from the growing percentage of Balochistan’s youth in Armed Forces of Pakistan. About 13,200 young men of the province had joined Pakistan Army and 25,000 Baloch students are studying in Army-run educational institutions.

Moreover, with the efforts of government and political leadership of Pakistan, the youth is bravely facing upcoming challenges and trying to create a conducive environment for the province. The recent trend of getting admissions and scholarships in foreign countries like China, United Kingdom and Australia and prestigious institutions like Harvard, Michigan, and Yale not only indicates the growing importance of education in Balochistan but also the great potential of the province in terms of human resource.

The recent rise of Model United Nations (MUN) in the capital city of Quetta conveys the message that youth of Balochistan wants its voice to be heard. It is an educational simulation and academic activity in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations, in an attempt to connect to the World. Change is racing across the province for a new surge in prevention to sustain peace and development.

Hence, now it’s time to let the world acknowledge the efforts of Balochistan’s youth in building the society and what better day is to rejoice this notion than today on the World Peace Day. The youth of any nation is the most important thing and in the case of Pakistan, it’s our only hope. The youth of the province is playing its role in getting our nation in major leagues, it’s now up to the government to create more resources and opportunities for the young minds.


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The writer is a former student of Cadet College Hasanabdal and currently doing his Bachelors from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). He is an active columnist, trying to represent Balochistan on national and international forums.

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