Defence Housing Authority Quetta (DHAQ), Smart City is an extraordinary residential plan that offers world-class living space to the people of Balochistan. It is a mega project for the residents of the province to ensure better living standards for everyone. The smart city project offers a wide range of Farmhouse, Residential, and Commercial plots in a serene and beautiful location. DHA in a very short time had been able to acquire adequate the land for execution of the megaproject. After the successful inauguration, DHA Quetta conducted its first balloting ceremony on March 14, 2020, and invited all the stakeholders from Balochistan and all over the country including people from the Government, public servants, members of chambers of commerce, families of shuhada and the general public. Governor Balochistan Justice (R) Amanullah Khan Yasinzai was the chief guest of the ceremony.

Before the balloting event, DHA Quetta received an overwhelming response from the fervent people of Balochistan in particular and Pakistan in general and got as many as thousands of applications in various categories. The process of balloting was swift and smooth, and the applicants were notified with the results within hours without having to wait for a long time. In order to ascertain the fairness and transparency of balloting, the administration DHAQ ensured computerization of all systems to remain unbiased. Special measures and procedures were followed to maintain the impartiality. Through random selection from different clusters, the draws took place. From thousands of participants, a large number of successful applicants were awarded the plots through balloting.

Among the successful applicants, people of Balochistan were able to win nearly 50% of plots from the total inventory. Additionally, without compromising on the quality and transparency, DHAQ offered extremely affordable prices for the plots to its customers. This was one of the many reasons that in the 1st balloting, DHAQ was able to receive an overwhelming response from applicants from across the country. DHA dedicated all possible efforts to facilitate and accommodate all the customers and applicants, even if there were deficits in the applications, everyone was given a fair chance to be part of balloting. The objectivity of the balloting was not only commended by the applicants but also by the Real Estate Agents and developers. They showed their complete faith and trust in the entire process of balloting and expressed their keen interest in the project. In addition to their participation, they believed that DHAQ is an ideal opportunity for both the residents and the Real Estate businessmen in Quetta. They viewed it as a platform to rejuvenate the Real Estate business in a more efficient way.

DHAQ is not only a successful project in terms of real estate but it is a huge success in the realms of socio-economic surpluses for the province as well. Through this, one of its kind mega projects in Quetta, the residents of Balochistan were able to develop and improve their lives by utilizing their long-deserted properties and earn from it. The project provided them with a platform to engage with the real estate agents and get business out of the lands, which they thought meant nothing anymore. This opportunity helped them grow individually as well domestically by being able to run their household in a respectful and effective way.

DHAQ endeavours not only be viewed as a mega smart city project but also as a source of development in the socio-economic, corporate, employability and human resource sectors.

Through this project, the DHAQ administration is providing numerous job opportunities to people of Quetta. From developers to the contractors and from designers to Real Estate Agents, this project is the source of bread and butter for countless people. It is also creating paid internship opportunities for the inexperienced youth, who need experience to excel in their life. DHAQ is ensuring the best in terms of living standards, whether it is for the residents, the support staff or the common citizens. This ideal and strategic location of DHAQ provides limitless opportunities to the commercial sector as well. The 1st successful balloting was the testimony to it. People showcased their trust in the project and are willing to be a part of it. People see this as a huge success and a strong foundation for the future development and expansion of the Quetta city. With this stepping stones, DHAQ environed as a mega housing project that provides quality life, safe, clean and sustainable environment along with economic stability to the province of Balochistan.


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