The Baloch women have a considerable role in Balochi literature, especially when it comes to commitment, protecting the honour of their nation and their loyalty. The Battle of Chausa held in 1539 between the Mughal emperor Humayun and Sher Shah Suri shows a clear picture of the commitment and bravery of Baloch women. Banadi Baloch has a heroic role in history, who rose her sword in the battlefield when the men stepped back. 

The participation of Mir Chakar Khan Rind, the famous Baloch warrior, with his 18 sons and an army of 40 thousand in the battle was a gesture of gratitude and loyalty towards Humayun, paying back for when the emperor provided asylum to Mir Chakar in Sahiwal after the detrimental thirty years war of the Baloch tribes. However, considering the force of Sher Shah Suri’s army, the Baloch army stepped back and left the battlefield. 

Stepping back from a battlefield is considered a dishonour in the Baloch culture, hence this is when Banadi Baloch (sister of Mir Chakkar Khan Rind) stepped in. She broke her bangles as a symbol of striving for the eternal abode and raised her sword as she couldn’t bear the humiliation of Baloch men stepping back. It was not less than an illusion for Sher Shah to see Banadi in front him, with a blood-dripping sword and having killed so many of his men when she proceeded towards his fort. At that moment, he warned her to move back as women were not fit for the role of a warrior. However, Banadi replied boldly, “You might think that women are the ones who sit at homes, are busy in adornment and in engaging their husbands, but it is not so!”

The entrance of her into the war fueled the Baloch army, which stepped back in the battlefield raged with fury and passion to defeat the enemy. The astounding audacity of Banadi will always serve as a reminder of what wonders women can do, whenever they are thought of as a weaker gender.

Prushtha banadi dasthay mangali

Broken are the bangles of Banadi

Pah brath a zuban a hatera

For promises and brothers

She fulfilled the promise of his brother, and now it is my turn to become another Banadi of this age by holding the pen as my sword in the field of education, to represent my land in the world. Regarding this, my mother has some dreams;

Mathi mani mathi mani, mathi mana humroch gusheth

Banuk pari tho hum Balochi chokehay

My mother tells me every day

You are a Baloch, dear Pari

Zahma chu chesth ka banadi a

jangay peda naam dar  bubu, brathani to hum kupag bubu

Raise the sword-like Banadi

Inscribes a name in the battlefield and be a support to your brothers

Tho parcha nesthagay jeday dila

dema che dueka to lajay chadera, tho ilmay peda naam dar bubu

Why do you sit and contemplate idly

Break the shackles of dishonour, carve a name in learning

Mathi mani mathi mani

Mathi mana har roch gusheth

My mother

Tells me every day



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