-When we reached our destination, i was preoccupied by dilemma about what happens next. I observed the minute details, trying my best to read between lines, to feel everything in a more realistic light, in its true colors. The ultimate irony, the most warped paradox was the absence of futile rage, the distressing aura and symptoms of violation of public mandate. Balochistan has the most humble, hospitable people i have ever seen.
What is Quetta?
Quetta is the blue eye coloured boy crossing the street, running, to not miss his university bus.
Quetta is the old man escorting his adorable daughter to school.
Quetta is the street vendor who called me “doustigen gohaar” (sister) and gifted me a scarf because i was their guest.
Quetta is the boxing champion.
Quetta is the brave family of the traffic surgeant.
Quetta is a proud survivor.
Yes! Quetta deceived me. All the misconceptions, vague assumptions i had about that part of Pakistan. I looked at the innocent faces, eager to strive for something big, achieve something, to become better with each passing day. The kindness i witnessed at every phase is unforgettable, be it asking for tea at the hotel at 3am, or be it getting help with my lightest luggage at 3pm. The hazara community once a victim of oppression, are more devoted in making Balochistan a better place. I saw young boys strolling on the roads with a satisfaction and calmness in their eyes. The beauty lies mere in the simplicity of the place. Its not the most deprived or detached unit, its the most productive province.
Its like an unfinished painting, which needs final touches to become a masterpiece.
  Quetta marks a lifetime experience, breaking a number of stereotypes. I am glad i took the plunge to embark on this journey of learning, it wont be wrong if i say that im on my way to become a better person after these 5 days. The exposure has definitely envoked within me a spark of positivity. One needs to believe in district autonomy. Lets all join hands and eradicate cultural ties.
Quetta is commendable with its passion and patriotism. You are all amazing people.

About Author

is currently engaged with the Social Media Department at the Voice of Balochistan. Pursuing CA as her major, she is a writer and reader by passion who is also writing a novel. She has worked for Ezine Articles and is currently also working for Act Youth Force, which is a project to ensure quality education for all. Her areas of interest are social and domestic issues. She had written extensively on women empowerment and education.


  1. Zarak Mandokhail on

    Fajar Nadeem has portrayed a Positive image of Quetta in the form of words .
    I wish the other provinces and Cities knows the true version of Quetta . I wish They may know what are the norms , etiquettes , culture , traditions and love that people of Quetta has .
    Thank you Mr. Author for writing good about us.

  2. Hamza Shahzad on

    Indeed! Quetta is full of diversity and passion. I wish rest of pakistan could see this face of Quetta. Good efforts 👍👍

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