Genocide noun
geno·​cide | \ ˈje-nə-ˌsīd
:Consists of the Greek prefix genos, meaning race or tribe, and the Latin suffix cide, meaning killing (United Nations). It is “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group of people because of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, or race”
Genocide Watch has issued a Genocide Watch Alert for Indian Occupied Kashmir. They have declared that IOK shows signs of earlier stages of the genocidal process.
Genocide Watch has called upon the United Nations and its members to warn India not to commit genocide in Kashmir


  1. Classification: People divided into “Us and Them”
    Over the last few years the BJP government and RSS have cultivated and encouraged the “Hindu and Sikh Indian Army “us” vs. Kashmiri Muslim civilian “them” mind-set within the Indian society, especially in Kashmir.
  1. Symbolization: People are forced to identify themselves.
    According to Kashmiri-Indian  journalist, Malik Sajjad, Kashmiris in India are being asked to identify themselves and others who might harbour “anti-India sentiment”. Muslims also have Muslim names (on ID cards), Kashmiri language, dress, mosques etc
  1. Discrimination: People begin to face systematic discrimination.M
    uslims in Kashmir and India as a whole face discrimination. Cases of hate-crimes against Muslims are not being registered. Rather cases are being registered against the Muslim victims. BJP has reasserted Hindu power in Kashmir by empowering the Pandits.
  1. Dehumanization: People equated animals, vermin or disease.
    PM Narendra Modi has been on record multiple times expressing anti-Muslim sentiment; calling them terrorists and insurgents. BJP president Amit Shah has called Muslims “vermin” at multiple rallies.
  1. Organization: The Government creates specific groups (police/military) to enforce policies.
    Muslims in Kashmir face violence at the hands of 600,000 heavily armed Indian military and police forces stationed in the area. The have been targeted with cluster bombs, tear gas and pellet guns.
  1. Polarization:  The government broadcasts propaganda to turn to populace against the group.
    PM Modi and the BJP are inciting anti-Muslim hatred and spreading falsehoods through social media. The Indian media has taken to gaslighting audiences into believing that there is no curfew in Kashmir and that Kashmiris are living safely and happily.
  1. Preparation: Official action to remove/relocate people.
    The Indian Army occupied Kashmir, with Pakistan and India in a diplomatic deadlock; BJP leaders speak of the “Final Solution” for Kashmir
  1. Persecution: Beginning of murders, theft of property, trials and massacres
    Kashmiri Muslims have been on lock down for weeks now. They are subject to arrest, torture, rape, and murder.
  1. Extermination: Wholesale elimination of the group. It is “extermination” and not murder because the people are not considered human.
    In addition to genocidal massacres that occurred during Partition; since 1990, there have been at least 25 massacres with death tolls over 25.
  1. Denial: The government denies that it has committed any crime.
    PM Modi and BJP claim their goal is to “bring prosperity” and “end terrorism” in Kashmir. They deny any human rights violations and no Indian Army troops or police are tried for torture, rape or murder. PM Modi’s takeover is popular in India.



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