Fame is something which a lot of us not only dream of but also work hard towards. The media, either broadcast, print or social has always been related to fame and glamour. Therefore, people who dream of such things work towards them by studying at media and art schools to find their way into the industry. But at the same time, there are others who believe that artistic ability comes naturally. What they really need, is a platform to showcase, refine and groom their talents.

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Balochistan has usually been underestimated when it comes to producing artists and entertainers, despite many renowned names in the Pakistani entertainment industry originating from here. These people eventually came to the limelight mainly because of self-exploration and refining their talents.

Sufi Mumtaz, a versatile entertainer who is among the acme of fame on social media eventually reached Indian media circles. Initially, Indian news media covered his video clip of comic analysis regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic’s emergence in China. Indeed, Mumtaz’s witty gossip and informal analysis are very relatable and entertaining. Not only this but the Bollywood alum Raveena Tandon also tweeted Sufi Mumtaz’s video calling it as ‘Pathans’ never lie. She tweeted at @TandonRaveena:

“Pathan ka words sach hothai! love it when he says “jaanwar ka baduaaeee” so innocently cute..”

Sufi Mumtaz is a vegetable seller from Quetta, Balochistan. His style is not only unparalleled but unique to him only. His words, spoken eloquently, are not only humorous but also insightful, unpredictably witty and satirical. While his tone and accent make it relatable and endearing.

Today, Sufi Mumtaz has a large number of followers and fans, especially in Balochistan. His followers also include a myriad of media personalities and networks who would love to get him on camera for his witty analysis of current affairs.

Conclusively, for Sufi Mumtaz, spreading laughter and smiles among the public amid these tough times is indeed a charity (sadqa). His unique style, extempore comments combined with his Pashto tone and local accent compel people to listen. Such natural and raw talent should be promoted as well. Sufi Mumtaz’s unique style gives him an edge over others in that he is especially entertaining and relatable for audiences in Balochistan. He should be invited to perform on different occasions locally and nationally, especially to celebrate days like the Baloch and Pashtun Culture days. His large fan following and relatable style would attract audiences.

However, it is also to keep in mind that he is also part of a vulnerable population who, even in these trying times, earns his livelihood by labouring in his old age. Looking at his callous hands, occasionally covered in dust from his labour at a vegetable market, a Hadith of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) comes to mind: “No meal eaten by one of you is better than the meal he eats from the work of his own hands.”


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The author is a Quetta based Telecommunication Engineer. He passed the CSS written exam in 2017 and considers writing and research as his passion.

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