Pakistan has an incredible diversity of culture, traditions and languages. Balochistan is one of the lands of Pakistan endowed with such diversity. The strong traditions and cultural values are important to Baloch people and they have preserved their traditions by keeping their distinctive ancient cultural identity and way of life intact. The culture and traditions of the Baloch have historically been passed to next generation and the whole activity continues from generations to generations.

Baloch culture and language has its own uniqueness and richness which needs to be promoted in the country. Hospitality and loyalty are among the main aspects of Baloch culture. Baloch entertain and honour their guests in a very appreciable manner. They give a lot of respect to their guests. The national dress of Balochistan is men wearing long shirts with long sleeves and loose shalwar occasionally accompanied by a headgear (turban). While women’s dress code consists of a long shirt with traditional embroidery and mirror work along with dupatta or chadar. Moreover, the Baloch literature is very rich, people like Syed Ganj, Rasko Adabi and Syed Zahoor Shah are the backbone of Baloch literature. Baloch literature must be translated into other languages to understand the people and their culture. The essence of Baloch culture can be spread all over the world if it could be translated into more and more languages. A full-fledged planning is required from the Balochistan government to enhance the literature too. This two-way pronged strategy will help to boost Balochistan’s positive image in the world as well as within the state. The vacuum between Balochistan and other provinces will be vanished by the tool of literature.

Balochi culture shows and musical programmes are organized in various cities and towns throughout the country to promote their culture. Baloch Culture Day is celebrated with full passion by giving importance to the Baloch traditions. Moreover, people celebrate it by wearing distinctive embroidered dresses and turbans. Men, women and children participate willingly in Baloch Culture Day. The celebration of the event started in 2011. Baloch community in Pakistan and abroad organizes various programmes to highlight different shades of Baloch culture, and traditions.

Every year on March 2, Baloch Cultural Day is celebrated with the aim to highlight and promote the diversified and rich Baloch culture. The culture is celebrated not only in Balochistan but also throughout the region i.e. in Iran, Afghanistan, Dubai, Muscat, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and India. The Visionary Group of Gwadar involved in developing, the construction and social services in Balochistan has taken the initiative of highlighting and promoting Baloch culture and language beyond the borders of Pakistan. Moreover, the initiatives from Balochistan government are breathtaking. The remote areas of Balochistan are now celebrating the cultural day. The refinement in thoughts of those people who are living in far-flung areas of Balochistan, the due credit goes to the government of Balochistan. The role of Army cannot be ignored in the whole process, Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Balochistan on the cultural day.


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