Allama Muhammad Iqbal is one of the most intellectual poets and philosophers that the world has ever seen. His visions in poetry were spread from Islamic philosophy to motivational phrases and from romance to life drama. Iqbal’s poetry was an inspiration for many and millions took lessons from it while million others enlighten their souls with it till today.

Allama Iqbal was keenly attached to the Youth. He had been concerned with the youth because of the fact that it is the youth of a country that makes a nation. Iqbal wanted to direct the youth towards good, towards Islam, towards destiny and eventually towards excellence. His phrases would cut deep through the hearts of the youth of his time and motivate them enough to stand up and be productive citizens and yes, that impact is still there in his writings today.

Iqbal had so much to say to the youth but within the scope of this writing I shall enlighten some of his most inspirational quotes directed for the youth. What makes these quotes even more substantial today is the need of the youth of Pakistan to rise against the evil in our society.

To highlight the importance of experience and knowledge among youth Iqbal says:

“But inner experience is only one source of human knowledge.”

At another place Allama Iqbal has enlightened the importance of the character of a Muslim youngster who spends his finance intellectually on building his character and at the same time warns them to not make money through wrong means.

“Spend money to make character but don ‘t spend character to make money.”

And again, he mentions the importance of character by saying:

“Given character and healthy imagination, it is possible to reconstruct this world of sin and misery into a veritable paradise”

Today in this modern world of modernism and liberty of thought one must keep his following quote in mind to not loose path over their thinking:

“People who have no hold over their process of thinking are likely to be ruined by liberty of thought. If thought is immature, liberty of thought becomes a method of converting men into animals.”

Iqbal had always emphasized on the focus and path of a young mind. He says clearly in the quote below how people can have different choices, but it is up to us what we choose for our self, the good or the bad. He says:

“The wing of the Falcon brings to the king, the wing if the crow brings him to the cemetery.”

Allama Iqbal indeed wanted the youth to contribute their due role in the character building of our communities. It was his passion to help youth to get rid of the curse of procrastination and lust for materialism. This is the exact need of the time, a strong and ambitious youth. We as Pakistanis cannot sit dormant and wait for miracles to happen, we need to rise and prove to our forefathers that this youth is less than no other and this nation is less then no other. Yes, we can, and we will.
Pakistan Zindabad.


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Zara Arshad is a medical undergrad student from Quetta, Balochistan. She has an experience of around 2 years in blog writing. Her areas of interest are health journalism, women empowerment, education and health for all.


  1. Mohammed Farid Ali al-Fijawi on

    Very well written! Allamah Iqbal’s quotes are well contextualized to pass to make a wake up call for the youths.

    I wish to get the references of the quotations and see the Urdu expressions.

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